Prevalence of Burn in children under (15) years in Mosul City


AbstractObjective: The aim of present statistical study resumption to appear extent prevalence of burn in children under 15 years in Mosul city.Methodology: The sample was collecting from review the register for burn unit in AL-Jaumhory Teaching Hospital through 2 years (2009, 2010). It registry (580) burn case. Where (163) male, and (162) female with ages ranged between (1 - 15) years old for period from 1/11/2009 to 15/12/2010.Results: Resulting appearance high burn percentage at patient aged between (1-5) years, its percentage were (69%), while in male is more than female with percentage (53%). Scalding the main causes of burn with percentage (67%), while flame with percentage (32%). Lower limbs more than another part of the body were (32%), while duration of stay in burn unit (1 – 5) day were (59%). Death of children of them (10%). Recommendation: The study recommended that health education in schools, as a compulsory subject, concerning burn. Of course, the results of such a programme could only be evaluated in the very long run. pediatric and family doctors have a privileged position to influence mothers and families and try to motivate them. Written information (leaflets booklets) could be prepared and distribution to families.