The Properties of Transportation of AL- Muqdadiy City


The city is a human phenomena which represent the urban population . It is formed by a number of functional uses , each use has it's own field in the city . The cars transportation is considered one of the types of these uses .This function is not only limited to transportation and movement , but it's considered an area of population and inhabitation that includes various urban life activities. The present research is divided into two sections , The first section tackled the types or the models of street net , their classifications , and he most important intersections at Al- Muqdadiya city , while the second section includes the requirements of interior transportationWhich are the parking areas , fuel stations , garages . The research has reached to a number of conclusions which are , firstly there are three types or models of roads or streets which are the organic model , the arrow-like model, the net-like model , the main road is considered the skeleton or the back bone for the distribution of the minor city roads , in the functional classification , the residential roads are the majority of the roads in the city in area , then followed by the commercial roads. The dominant characteristic of the city that there were a number of , which were the main cause of the traffic jam in the city , the research showed that there were two garages for car transportations , this led the car drivers to park their cars on the sides of the road out side the garage , the research showed that there were two fuel stations in the city which were not enough to meet the needs of cars and vehicles .