The Rate of Cutaneous Candidiasis in Patients with Skin Mycoses in Baquba / Diyala Province- Iraq


Objectives: The present study aimed to determine the prevalence of cutaneous candidiasis among patients with skin mycoses in Baquba, the center of Diyala province.Patients and methods: During the period from October/2003 to July/2005, a total of 972 specimens (skin scrapping and/or nail) were collected from patients attending the out-patient clinic for dermatology and venereal diseases in Baquba General Hospital. Direct microscopical examination and culture were done for specimens. Identification of candida species based on standard cultural and biochemical criteria. All data were statistically analyzed.Results: The results revealed that 753 (77.5%) patients were clinically and laboratory confirmed as having skin mycoses, 197(26.2%) of them have cutaneous candidiasis. The prevalence of candida infection was significantly higher in folded skin compared to other body sites and in females compared to males (64.8% vs 35.2%).Additionally, the highest rate was recorded in 12-21 years age group, and there was insignificant difference in the infection rate regarding the residence. Similarly, there was insignificant association between candida species and site of infection.Conclusion: Cutaneous candidiasis constitute about one quarter of skin mycoses infections in Diyala province, Iraq.Key words: Skin mycoses, cutaneous candidiasis, Diyala