the Legal Responsibility for International Crimes A study in American Situation


Crimes and violations of human rights began to take international characteristics as they did not remain within the limits of the sovereignty of their states. A good example for this is the crimes and serious violations of human rights that lead to conflicts in Ruanda, and Yugoslavia, where international investigation and commissions are formed to investigate in these crimes. Yet, these investigations were not fulfilled because these countries have judicial or international immunity granted to them by international law. Therefore, the need for the international community has become a necessity to establish and develop a set of legal rules that include punishment for international crimes and violations of international human law, and to prevent the criminals from escaping from punishment because of their countries’immunity. The importance of this research lies in showing the dimensions of international responsibility and the role of some major countries to disrupt and impede the implementation of international justice through their control on the international legitimacy. Therefore, the research will deal with the attempts that try to weaken the international criminal justice and direct it accordingto the requirements of their interests, and make the punishment applied on weak states which may not commit the crime, while the perpetrators of serious crimes escape from punishment.