Decrease of Phenolic Preservatives in Insulin Preparations at Different Storing Conditions and after Ending their Expiry Date


Determination of phenolic compounds in insulin preparations includesextraction with ethyl acetate (phases ratio organic to aqueous is 1:5 with one batchor 1:10 with two batches) in acidic medium (PH =1.5-2), and then quantificationby GC or UV spectrophotometric techniques. This study leads to ensure that thepreservatives concentrations are effected by different conditions in the store ofinsulin preparations. The concentration of methyl paraben was (0.808)mgml afterexpiry date by (150-170) days . When the insulin preparations stored at freezingpoint for (9-10) days, the concentration of methyl paraben reduced to(0.37)mgml, and to (0)mgml , after (16-18)days at freezing point . Uv-Vismethod was proposed and applied for drawing calibration curve at 272 nm. for mcresolwhich is used as preservative in insulin preparations. While methyl parabenwas determined by GC technique.