Implementing of Forward Link Channel CDMA2000-1x System by Using Simulink HDL Coder


This work is a proposed simulation for forward link channel of CDMA2000 -1xsystem by using QPSK, 8QAM and 16QAM, and converting the proposed systemto VHDL language by using Simulink HDL Coder for implementing in FPGAboard.The results of simulation for forward link channel of CDMA2000 system showsimprovement when using three levels of codes (LPNC, Walsh code and complexcoding) in the present of AWGN for QPSK modulation the system performance isimproved from (1.8 to 1.9) in dB for BER (Bit Error Rate) 10 to 10 and for8QAM the system performance is improved at (2.9) in dB for BER 10 to 10and for 16QAM the system performance is improved from (1 to 1.2) in dB for BER10 to 10 . The results of simulation in the present of AWGN and Rayleighfading channel are improvement within (0.5) in dB for the different DopplerFrequencies (5 - 230Hz).The Simulink HDL Coder has been used for converting the MATLABSimulinkmodels to VHDL language. The verification of the generated VHDLcode has been done using Altera-ModelSim program, while the synthesis reportsand board programming files have been obtained using the Quartus II program.System implementation has been done using FPGA technology with AlteraCyclone II boards. The implementation of the forward link channel by usingSimulink HDL coder shows feasibility and flexibility in solving the problem ofcomplex multiplication of complex spreading code also the practical results wereclosed to that obtained from ModelSim program.