The Effect of Direct Foreign Investment on GDP: An Application Study on UAE during (1980-2009)


United Arab Emirates usually depends significantly on foreign direct investment (FDI) to develop its economy. Since, investment in the important and vitality sectors of the economy have led to the raise of direct foreign stock investment rapidly to reach (127) billion US dollars (more than 466.5 billion AED) in 2009 and thus this stock exceeded half of GDP in this year. As a result of the analysis of the econometrics model, the research shows that there is a very strong relationship between FDI stock (Inward and outward) and GDP at current prices; each increased in this stock by a million US dollars and led to increase the GDP of the state by (1.396) million US dollars . In addition, the stock of foreign direct investment contributes to a (93%) of the changes that may occur in the GDP of the state.