The effect of Using Reciprocal Style in Acquiring the skill of shooting from stationary and Falling position in Handball and Utilizing Academic learning Time


ABSTRACTThe Study aims at: Identifying the effect of using reciprocal style in:-Acquiring Shooting from stationery and Falling position in Handball -Utilizing Academic learning Time The researchers used the experimental method according to the nature of the research. The sample of the research consisted to of (42) sophomore students at the physical institute in Erbil. The sample was divided into two groups each group contains (14) students. The first experimental group has learned according to reciprocal style but the controlled group has learned according to command style. The equivalence for the groups was carried out in (age, length, and mass) and some aspects of the physical fitness related of the study. The researchers used Anderson system to observe and analyze the student's behaviore during class. The program lasted for (4) weeks specifying one educational unit for each style and the time specified for each unit were 90 minutes. It started from 26 3 2008 to 16 4 2008. After that tests were done.After analyzing the results by means of statistics, the researchers have presented the following conclusions: - The reciprocal and command styles have clear effect on learning students of sport institute shooting from stationary and falling postion in handball. - The two groups in acquiring shooting from spot was equivalent in post - tests.- The reciprocal style was better than command style in shooting from falling position. - The reciprocal style has achieved high Percentage in saving time for the Academic Learning of shooting from stability and falling in handball.- Increasing the percentage of practicing activity with reciprocal style as compared with command style.