Intellectual and legal controversy about the death penalty


The research addressing intellectual debate based on the most sanctions and the most dangerous and the most, namely the death penalty. This penalty, which focused on the lives of condemned which finishes it. Therefore, we find that opinion idiosyncratic "when commentators law and other" different upon between the supported various arguments is security notably deterrence and reduce crimes, while denied and rejected others under various pretexts notably great compassion and humanity alleged as well as despair of reform the criminal and stir hatred when his parents and other , and this difference between the retention of the death penalty and its abolition was not limited to the controversy intellectual, but also included trends legal legislative split between doctrines various notably from guarantee this punishment and those who abolished and those who disrupted virtually no kept in the legislation and disallowed them and declined to apply. With all of the above, the death penalty - we have - legal and social necessity needed to achieve justice and punishment of social justice which disrupted because of crime, especially in crimes of murder and terrorist crimes and the like.


Death penalty