Estimation of the Operational duration of Solar Cells (Chinese and German) According to Specific Properties of Components for Short Time Series Design in Baghdad's Streets City


The objective of this study is to assess the operational age for the night lighting solar systems (the Chinese and the German equipment) installed in some of the streets of Baghdad, considering it an essential factor in choose between them through the following factors:The design features of the system components set by the manufacturing company, the ways of foundation, testing and operation, review of the maintenance program prepared by the executing direction for the period from 1/1/2009 to 1/1/2010 to follow-up the incidents of damage, Analyzing the damage for each equipment, and determining the extent of the damages. The statistical analysis for the breakdowns which had been experienced during the period above, for comparison among these systems and to identify preference between them. The results showed the German product represents highly increasing of advantage in the duration better than the Chinese product in all the studied components. The proposals and recommendations to avoid disruptions and improve the performance of the systems are included.