The relationship between some biokinematics variables of high-jump shooting skill with the accuracy in handball


Abstract:This study aims at identifying for more important valves of biokinematics variables of high- jump shooting skill in handball . it also aims at identify the venation shop between among these variables and with the accuracy .the sample of the study was five players which play in the Iraqi national team of handball who have agood abolition in shooting of from out side of the nine meter area the data collected though tow video cameras biok (adobe photo shop ) programs and (AutoCAD ) programs analize the of values of body joints angels biockenamheally the study revealed the following results . 1.there were differences in the valves at the biogenetic variables at high-jump shooting skill .2.the increase in the time at the last approaching step influenced the negatively the step speed .3.the biokenmatic variables relation ship were weak which mean poor performance. the recommendations were as the following . 1. priority should be the player information about ideal movements it is to give for improving the performance 2. the technical performances to flyers at this skill in training