Investigation of Amorphous to Crystalline Transition in Glassy Se80Te20 and Se70Te20M10 (M = Ag, Cd, Sb) Alloys


Calorimetric measurements have been performed in binary Se80Te20 and ternary Se70Te20M10 (M=Ag, Cd, Sb) alloys to study the effect of metallic additives (Ag, Cd, Sb) on the crystallization kinetics in Se80Te20 alloy. Three different non-isothermal methods Kissinger’s method, Matusita-Sakka theory and Augis-Bennett approximation method have been used in the present study. Different kinetic parameters such as the activation energy of crystallization (EC), the order parameter(n), the growth morphology parameter (m), the rate constant (K) and its frequency factor (Ko) have been determined. The effect of third element on crystallization temperature of binary Se80Te20 is explained in terms of Arrhenius dependence of rate constant K(T). The increasing sequence of activation energy of crystallization in ternary Se70Te20M10 (M=Ag, Cd, Sb) alloys is explained in terms of their average bond strength.