Calculation of the Buildup Factors for Ceramic Materials


Iraqi Siliceous rocks were chosen to be used as raw materials in this study which concern with bending strength and their related parameters. They are porcelinite from Safra area (western desert) and Kaolin Duakla, their powders were mixed in certain percentage, to shape compacts and sintered. The study followed with thermal and chemical treatments, which are calcination and acid washing. The effects on final compact properties such as bending strength were studied. Bending strength was calculated for sintered compacts to study the effects of calcination processes, chemical washing, weight percentage, sintering processes, loading moment were studied on this property. Where the compacts for groups are insulating materials and have good thermal conductivity by previous studies. The results indicate that some of these groups satisfy ability the required bending strength property for electrical insulator, thermal conductivity property is required to complete final stage to be used in industry.