Using of autogenous cutaneous trunkii muscle for ventral hernioplasty in sheep


The study was conducted to use autogenous cutaneous trunkii muscle flap (CTMF) for repairing of large ventral hernia in sheep. A large ventral hernia was induced experimentally in eight adults' healthy Awassi sheep (4 males and 4 non-pregnant females). A protocol of general anesthesia was performed via an intravenously injection of a mixture of Xylazine hydrochloride 0.05 mg/kg B.W. and Ketamine hydrochloride 2mg/kg B.W. One month after surgical producing of a large ventral hernia the animals underwent for hernioplasty using autogenous CTMF. The results revealed no characteristic postoperative complications as infection, recurrent herniation or wound dehiscence during a period of 12 month postoperation. In conclusion, using autogenous CTMF is a suitable natural prosthetic material for reconstruction of large ventral hernial defect in sheep, as it is inexpensive and repair with strength equal to normal tissue.