Construction and Charactrization of Chloropromazine hydrochloride Selective Electrode Based on Complex Chloropromazine hydrochloride – Sodium tetra phenyl borate on a PVC Matrix .


Chloropromazine hydrochloride selective electrodes were construct based on a complex chloropromazine hydrochloride-sodium tetra phenyl borate as an active material using the plasticizers: di-butyl phthalate(DBPH),O-Nitro phenyl octyl ether (o-NPOE) in a PVC matrix membrane. The properties of the electrodes were studied .A linear range of electrode based on DBPH found from 5×10 -4-10-2 M with a Nernstian slope of 54.1 mV/decade and correlation coefficient of 0.9996,the detection limit was 2 × 10 -4M, and the lifetime was around 72 days. The electrode based on o-NPOE as a plasticizer showed concentration range was 4×10-6-10-2M ,the slope of 50.7 mV/decade with correlation coefficient 0.9994 and detection limit equals to 2.5×10-6M, life time was 52 days. From these results showed that the electrode was successfully applied to the determination of chloropromazine hydrochloride in pharmaceutical preparation.