Comparative Study for physical efficiency for the players Northern teams of handball in the lieght of the level achievement


Physical condition considered one of the most important indecater which reflex the special ability of the player and contribute in. the development of Physical efficiency of the player and enable him to perform at his extant ,for these rezones Physical efficiency became very important to be studied with level of achievement for handball players .The problem of this research limited to study the effect of Physical efficiency in the level performance of players and their achievement level ,and also to Know how much coaches care about that in there training programs during competitive session.This Study aim at :1.Knowing the difference in Physical efficiency between youth players of Northern team of handball in the light of performance level.2.Knowing the difference in Physical efficiency for the youth players of Northern team of handball in the lieght of performance. Theorical part of this research included Physical efficiency and the level of achievement ,and previous studies Descriptive mothed has been used for its sutibilitey of the nature of this research . The research conducted on the (40) players which represent the sampl of this study ,those player were intentionally choosen which they represent youth players of handball for Northern team in the championship of (2007) .The mean, standerd deviation ,anova one way and L.S.D were used as tool of this research.The most important results were the following:1.There were significant difference between Arbil team and both teams mosul and sulaimaniya for bertit of Arbil team.2.There were no significcent difference in Physical efficiency Arbil team and Kirkuk.3.The were significcent difference between the team of Kirkuk and Al- sulaimaniya for bertit of Kirkuk .4.There were no significcent difference between mosul team and Al- sulaimaniya team.