An AC Wireless Remote Control System


The aim of this research is to design a multi-job control system for controlling on different job on home or office by using a simple scientific technique. Making more holes on walls of home to connect a wire or control cable for any job does not desired.The research is aiming to design a wireless control system. This control system can send any command to any device in the home or office without making any more holes in walls.This research depends on using the 220 VAC 50 Hz wires, which had been provided in home or office. The frequencies used to control the devices will be carried by the 50 Hz current used in home. These frequencies have been chosen between 30-110 kHz, and we can use (8) channels in this band to prevent interference of commands. The wireless control on the devices will be done by using a PC computer and simple BASIC program. ON-OFF command can be sent by the operator to any device by a transmitter built and interface with that compute.