The Contribution Range of Decision Support System to Support Continuous Improvement for Organization


The great development in field of information technology led to provide several systems, tools, and techniques that aim to support managers in making various decisions. This has been reflected on business performance and its improvement for all managerial levels in the organization, due to the importance of decisions supporting system in business organizations especially its contribution in the process of continues improvement of employees. The researchers in general have not conducted study about the contribution of decision supporting system, with continuous improvement. But, they conducted this study for testing the contribution via two main hypotheses. The most obvious ones was that there is not significant relationship between decisions supporting system and continuous improvement. To achieve the aims of the study and to test its hypotheses, the researchers relied on data collection based on a questionnaire as the basic tool to collect information. In addition, the researchers conducted a number of field interviews to explain the dimensions of the study and knowing its importance by using Lickart Fivefold scale for measurement. All questionnaires were subjected to statistical analysis by using system SPSS software for using arithmetic mean, standard deviation, and correlation factor. The effect and the results of the study led to a set of conclusions, the most important of them was the significance of the relationship between the two dimensions of the study. In conclusion, the researchers presented a set of recommendations to the beneficial to receive the deserved attention for the respected parties in order to achieve the aim of the study. The most important ones of recommendations are necessity to provide all the requirements for applying the decision-supporting system for its importance of the decisions made by managers in field of continuous improvement of business in organizations.