Analysis of transport routes and the traffic situation in the city of Hilla


The human since ancient Has taken care of the way of transmit and use different methods to facilitate this process, where it was invented vehicle mainly to please the human and secure transfer speed and this means it is found to serve man as due date of discovery of the wheel to the Sumerian civilization, or Mesopotamia followed Western civilization thinking in movement that came in their imagination , in 1645 designed the first wheel at the hands of Jane Tyson, but this wheel does not contain the position(Brake) or pedals gasoline and not on a leash and leadership was mostly dependent on the movement of the feet of the occupants of the wheel and then followed by the invention of the machine Love Machine invented in 1717 by Karel van and then developed by Vince Johansen, who used horses as a means to drag the cart and in the year 1739 vehicle and was created in the whole structure by Mkamalen and was a box shape and iron Atarkhcba and wooden wheels was the invention of the first car of Power and the idea of ​​the French army carried out by Nicholas Joseph in 1769. Then formed composite is an important part of our lives and our culture, but the idea of ​​vehicle associated with the concept of another called (road hazards and reflect on our future) and the first incident of a vehicle with steam engine took place in 1771 and witnesses visible and during 1899 and signed first incident appalling that killed driver and vehicle owner then interested in the world road safety standards, the current scenario through Statistics die every year thousands and infected millions all over the world by road accidents (1). And so they have become the vehicle sometimes means to destroy human beings because of misuse and not to deal with in a rational way and properly.We will deal in this research with three axes have a primary role in shaping the traffic situation including curved roads, accidents and weather.