Linguistic conflict Between ancient Semitic civilizations


Political relations between civilizations ancient Semitic Characterized and over a period BC conflicts and bloody clashes based on mobilizing armies and the occupation of land and demolition of walls and burning cities and drop kingdoms, looting of property and the captivity of the people of murder, displacement and exile, down at the aspirations and desires of kings tyrants who ruled at the time the ancient Near East , and conquered peoples emerging from overloading tribute and blows invading armies In contrast there was a conflict of another kind being between Sunnis Semitic peoples, he did not Be political struggle or conflict nationally or ethnically but was a struggle civilized based on intellectual development and mental human High namely linguistic conflict that conflict was happening silently and walking movement sleep closer to the slow movement is hardly felt by one extending to affect the centuries periods of time and access to one of the results set by the characteristics identified and laid the bases laws linguistic conflict. Either prevail and triumph versus the yard and disappearing one of Almtsarotain languages ​​and this is what happened to the Languages ​​Commissioner in conflict with each other or to remain in a state of coexistence between the two. This research is an attempt to identify the attributes and the results of the conflict linguistic happened between Sunnis Semitic peoples and languages ​​has which we classified into three sections we have boot for conflict linguistic and laws that define the general framework of the struggle between different languages ​​has included first section of each of the Sumerian and Akkadian language and conflict between these two languages, results, and although the Sumerian language is not one of the Semitic languages ​​but it was not possible to exclude that the Sumerian language is the first language written and known in the ancient Near East, especially Mesopotamia and the first language entered a struggle to linguistically with Semitic language roots which Akkadian languageThe second section has dealt with the Aramaic language and then struggle with both the Akkadian language and the Hebrew language.The third topic addressed the Arabic language and its conflict with the North both Aramaic and Arabic South. We ended The research with number of results and the list of Arab and foreign materials .