Effect of Addition SiC Particles on the Hardness and Dry Sliding Wear of the Copper-Graphite Composite


This research have been devoted to copper-graphite particulate compositeswhich have high thermal/electrical conductivities and excellent dry lubrication forsolid contacts and sliding that arise from a synergetic composite effect betweencopper and graphite. They have been widely used in their engineering application forsliding components, such as electrical brushes and bearing .This research is devoted tostudy the effect of addition of SiC particles at different weight percentage(1%, 1.5% ,2% and 2.5% ), to the copper graphite composite as matrix, which consist of (90 wt%copper – 10 wt% graphite), on the resistance wear under dry sliding condition byusing pin-on-disk technique and hardness, the structure produced by powdermetallurgy methods (P/M). The results showed that the composite material reinforced with SiC particles has wearrate lower than that of the base composite where, the wear rate of the base compositeis (2.58 × 10-7), which is become (0.6×10-7) after addition of SiC at (2.5 wt% SiC),and the results of hardness for the base composite are (25, 7.61) in Vickers test and Brinell test which respectively become (60, 44) after addition of (2.5 wt% SiC).