Trends in the diagnosis and follow up of hypertension in elderly population in samara and Al-Ramadi cities


Objective : To study the trends of diagnosis and follow up hypertension in elderly subjects in Samara and Al – Ramadi city . Patients and methods: Between 1994 – 2002 , 1782 elderly hypertensive patients , their age ≥ 65 year, in Samara and Al- Ramadi cities were interviewed about the way of diagnosis and follow up of their hypertension . Results : The study shows that 84.9% of patients were diagnosed in the 1 '' visit and received a prescription for it, 6.3% were diagnosed and treated initially by internist, while the remaining patients were ( 94.7 %) diagnosed and treated by non – internist (only 0.9% of them were referred to internist ). None of the above patients had their blood pressure checked in standing position at diagnosis . Only 1.1% have an investigation done at diagnosis Only 13.1% were followed by a internist after diagnosis , and only 27.1% of patients were attending regularly for checking their blood pressure . Conclusion : None of the elderly hypertensive was scientifically diagnosed and only a minority of them were followed up in an acceptable way .