The Effect of the Programme of Unlimited Tulent to Develop the Creative Thinking of the Students in the Institude of Preparing Female Teachers


The aim of the study is to measure the effect of the unlimited talent programme to develop the creative thinking of the students in the institude of preparing female teachers. To achieve this aim,the experimental design of the even groups is used with the pretest and past test. Some variables are controlled like the time –age for the students,intelligence total and the study level of the parents. The sample of the study consists of (46) students,(23) student for the experimental group and equal number for the controller group. The Torans-test for the creative thinking verbalism picture is applied with the program of unlimited talent to develop the creative thinking according to Shilker 1971,which consist of five skills,planning,making decisions,prediction,communication and productive thinking. Five lessons are prepared for each skill with 20 meeting each one covers 45 minute also giving an example to the students with a home work. The program and the test has been verified by viewing to a group of experts and they agreed to its application. After the application of the program the conclusions declare by using the T. test,the improvement of the experimental group to the controller one in the past test which indicate the effect of the program to develop the creative thinking. according to the conclusions the researcher recommends:1- Insert the programmers of developing thinking in the institute of preparing teachers and the secondary schools to teach students the abilities of thinking.2- Training teachers to apply the program of unlimited talent in schools.3- Providing democracy in the studing room to discuss the problems with an open mind and not by imposing opinions.