Estimate of Penetration Depth of Moist Soils For Mosul City at 6 GHzC-band Microwave Frequency Range


AbstractResults of an experimental and theoretical programs were presented to determine the impact of soil moisture content and the soil composition on microwave radiometric emission and microwave signal skin depth (Penetration depth), as well as attenuation coefficient within soil surfaces. The measurements are depending on the relative dielectric constant that practically carried out by this research. The measurements have been conducted for three common types of soil in Mosul city (ornamental, cropland, and orchard) at 6GHz (C-band) microwave frequency.The expected brightness temperatures of these soil samples and the skin depth have been computed. The results show that the observed microwave skin depth is relatively high for ornamental type more than that of cropland and orchard.Keywords: Moist soil, Penetration depth, Brightness temperature, Complex dielectric constant.