Effect of Pomegranate shells extract as natural Corrosion the inhibitor for C-Steel by using electrochemical technique


This study involves the efficiency evaluation of pomegranate shells extract as natural corrosion inhibitor for C-Steel in 1N HCL at various temperatures (293,323and343) °K using electrochemical technique. The results show that the inhibition efficiency increases with increasing the extract concentration and decreases with increasing temperature. The results of Potentiodynamic polarization curves indicate that the pomegranate shells extract behaves as a mixed type inhibitor. The thermodynamic functions of dissolution and adsorption processes were determined from experimental polarization curves and the interpretation of the results is given. The apparent activation energy, enthalpy , entropy and free energy of the dissolution process were determined and discussed.The Surface analysis (SEM and FT-IR) was also carried out to establish the corrosion inhibitive property of the pomegranate shells extract in 1N HCL. Metallurgical Microscope and FT-IR tests indicated that the pomegranate shells extract had high efficiency on adsorption on C-Steel from through function groups (carbonyl, phenol and amines). The results obtained showed that the pomegranate shells extract could serve as an effective natural inhibitor for the corrosion of C-Steel.