Efficient Routing in Ad- Hoc Wireless Networks using Connected Dominating Set


contact area is without wires or a server or Access Point without any infrastructure . The control of network group contains a decade of electronic devices with the distribution is irregular and variable Topology by selecting (DS) Dominating Set and reduce their number as much as possible by adding laws of more development to reduce the DS, where the study of private networks developed in the evolution of rules binding for bases to a chiave two important hypotheses: Find a DS and reduce their number as much as possible, and the first was the achievement of the main hypotheses which is that the extent of sending all the nodes randomly is distributed equally, and the second hyporesearch is that communication between the nodes is not directed. All nodes in the network are not connected directly but through a third node called the DS. Then came the algorithm by the WU & Li to add the development of the assumptions above .Then the algorithm developed by syndicate NareshNanuvala.In this research , we have proposed a new algorithm that added something new to reduce the number of DS for the previous algorithms.The simulated is by program in Visual Basic language for a protocol to control the contract for wireless connectivity and less DS and compare the results of the proposed algorithm with the results of the basic rules, WU & Li algorithm and NareshNanuvala