The effect of etecution of training program by the method of ballistic resistance on some kinematic changes and achievement of shot put


The first chapter included introduction and problem of the paper . the researchers have determined that problem of the paper is that there are biokinematic changes as for shot put and these changes have not been taken into consideration through the process of training and not to use modern methods for the purpose of developing these changes . the second chapter handles the mechanic conditions and the technical stages concerning performance of shot put and importance of using ballistic resistance . In the third chapter, the researchers used the experimental program to know the effect of this method and the sample consisted of eight shot putters from the team of university of Anbar . These changes are specified to the pivot stage and stage of twisting and driving . In the fourth chapter , the researchess discussed the findings and numbers which revealed morality of the findings . the researchers concluded that using of ballistic exercises was of good effect in improving the stage of pivot , twisting and driving as to shot put . the researchers recommended that it is necessary to emphasize on using exercises of ballistic resistance prepared by them.