Improving Strategic Performance For Industrial Organization Within Application Of Environmental Manufacturing Strategies


Rapid changes and intensive competence in the external environment led to the necessity of adapting organization with ,and oblige its requirement and reducing its effect .To keep organizations’ working and continuity , they have to response to its environment by taking social responsibilities through taking orders and strategies that provide requirements for protecting social and natural environment . So, environment systems and its management , in addition to its efficiency and reflection on the organization activities, have got a great attention from researchers and authors , the improvement of the organization’s strategic performance is an important side that can be effected with that objects, the organizations commitment with the requirement of the environmental performance by adapting many strategies, like green manufacturing can improve its Strategic Performance through concentrating on some external & internal aspects, like organizational capabilities & resources, and working on its development & enhancement, in addition of its aims to achieve customer satisfaction & loyalty ,and its commitments to social responsibility . So, the current study has default two very important subjects of the organizations represented by Green Manufacturing and Strategic Performance through its goal in identifying the role of the green manufacturing strategies In improving Strategic Performance, to investigate that , main and minor hypothesis have tested by analyzing responses of a sample of (37) heads in the researched organization about the expressed parts of the two research variable dimensions , collected by using questionnaire prepared for this purpose and reached to the existence of correlation & impact relationships between green manufacturing strategies and Strategic Performance dimensions ,up to providing a set of recommendations and suggestions for organizations in general and especially the researched ones .