Study the physical and chemical characteristics of the soils effected by the Al-Mosab Al-Aamm river in AN-Nasiriya , south of Iraq .


ABSTRACT :The study involves samples of soils from nine stations divided over three regions located on different distances of 0-100m. , 100-200m. and 200-300m. respectively and at 0-20 cm. depth on the left side of the Al-Mosab Al-Aam river to study their physical and chemical characteristics, as well as, a sample of the river's water to evaluate the effect of the water upon the adjacent soils .The physical properties of soils represented with apparent and specific density( 1.08-1.24) gm/cm3 and ( 2.40-2.60)gm/cm3 respectively , and range of grain size are for the sand ( 20-28%) , silt ( 40-46%) and clay ( 32-34%) ,with a little percentage of organic matter ranged between ( 0.96 – 1.43%) .The chemical properties of the soils are for the pH (7.9-8.3), E.C.( 1220-2315mmos/cm), Total salt dissolve (TDS)(970-1618mg/l), Calcium (290-376mg/l) ,Magnesium (248-290mg/l), Sulphates (245-310mg/l), Phosphates (11.6-14.3mg/l), Nitrate (18-22mg/l), Sodium (317-460mg/l), Potassium (216-302mg/l), Alkanic (367-422mg/l),Chloride(412-458mg/l), Boron (0.34-0.84mg/l), Sodium Absorption Ratio ( SAR )( 1.32-8.85%), Residual Carbonate Calcium (RSC )(0.29-0.38%) .The chemical properties of the river's water are for the pH (7.7) , E.C.(1128mmos/cm) , TDS ( 690mg/l) , Ca.(310mg/l) , Mg.(198mg/l) , So4(265mg/l) , Po4(18.2mg/l) , No3(12.8mg/l) Na.(322mg/l) , K.(118mg/l) , HCo3(460mg/l) , Cl.(420mg/l) .The study has shown that , the nomenclature of investigated soils are silty loam with a little percentage of organic matter and of high salinity . Also showed the response of the electrical conductivity as well as the sodium and chloride concentrations to the repeated washing (drainage)of Al-Mosab Al-Aam project .There are high salinity and high concentration