Association Between Chronic Renal Failure and Thyroid Hormone


The levels of serum urea , creatinine ,total thyroxin (TT4) , Tri-iodothyronine (TT3) , free T4 (fT4) , freeT3 (fT3) and Thyrotropin (TSH) were measured in the serum of 80 Patients with varying grades of chronic renal failure (CRF) ; and 40 healthy individuals . They were divided into 3 groups as : Group 1 Containing 40 healthy individuals as Control group; Group 2 containing 40 Patients on Conservative management ; and Group 3 Containing 40 Patients on Regular haemodialysis therapy. Groups 2 and 3 showed significant increased in urea and creatinine compared with control group ( P< 0.001) and significant decreased in TT4(P < 0.01) , TT3(P < 0.001) , fT4( P < 0.01) and fT3( P< 0.001) , whereas TSH values were not significantly altered . Conclusions: Uremia is accompanied with endocrine disorders , due to impaired degradation of hormones , because of failed kidney functions and to the interference of the uremic environment with extra renal degradation or synthesis and secretion of certain hormones . The aim of the study was to investigate the association between chronic renal failure and thyroid function. Key words: chronic renal failure , thyroid hormones