Detat of Tunisia Revolution


The Importance of the subject has emerged that Tunisia was the key to the revolutions that took place in the Arab world in 2011. The revolution in the arab world started from Tunisia and then moved on to the rest of the Arab countries, in the reseaion we must study the causes and detat of that revolution. Since the coup in 1987 and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali took power in Tunisia has launched a series of political and economic reforms but these reforms have not been applied on the ground of Ben Ali suppression the political opposition and tight grip on the press and the was imprisoned every voice of opposition to him and to his regime. he turned his regime to the repressive regime authoritarian Policy as well as the severity of the economic crisis that has gotten the high cost of living and the collapse of purchasing power of the most popular categoriess preaad Poverty and unemployment Besides one of the people. burned himself in protest at the conditions and the revolution started in all the cities of Tunisia this led to be an end to the regime of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.


Tunisia, Revolution