Using panel data in structural equations with application


The non static chain is always the problem of static analysis so that explained some of theoretical work, the properties of statistical regression analysis to lose when using strings in statistic and gives the slope of an imaginary relation under consideration. chain is not static can become static by adding variable time to the multivariate analysis the factors to remove the general trend as well as variable placebo seasons to remove the effect of seasonal .convert the data to form exponential or logarithmic , in addition to using the difference repeated d is said in this case it integrated class d. Where the research contained in the theoretical side in parts in the first part the research methodology has been through a presentation , the emphasized the importance of research on the mind a new addition for the professionals and researchers in this area. In the second part , we have introduced the concept of system of simultaneous equation for the method of combining CT data and time series . using fixed effects for the periods and groups once and use them without a second time . Also has been the conditions diagnosis model used in the analysis , which includes the police rank and oich includes the police rank and order in addition to illustrate the urder in addition to illustrate the use of a method of least squares two –stage built in appreciation of the data used in the research as well as view to test the fixed effects for each of the groups and period . in addition to the concept of testing Phillips-perron (Philips-peron). The research problem can be summarized in the thirastoqania data CT, which was detected using the test Phillips –perron (Philips-peron) and the level of the series and the difference first & second data scan (panel data) and each of the fixed effect of the peviods and groups, and also the goal of research and its premises and the nature of the variables used and where they develop. In the practical side , were presented results of the assessment system of simultaneous equation used in the research and for the period (1990-2005), disaggregated by type of estimation method and the function of each sector (pubic ,mixed , cooperative ,private ) separately.