The use of two indicators of market value-added and return on capital invested in measuring the performance of the Iraqi banking sector


For a long time, the intensification of profit represented a major goal for the company management ,but this goal confirmed a series of restrictions such the constriction on short period, the time rather than on long and medium strategic goal, the relationships with customers ,the supplies, employees , This goal is replaced by another one (intensification of the company's value) ,and the fortune of the share holders itself ,for the purpose of creating value, the company must generate great outcomes to cover the operating expense and to insure the a suitable compensation to the invested capital (the market value added) is the indication used to estimate the company ability to create value –added the development or of this indication associated with the development of share price that is affected as well as of financial indication that are quantifiable ,and the emotional ,psychological ,political ,economical and security factors that are non quantifiable and they all affected by the level of market value –added that is the market value-added is indication used to estimate the ability of the company to create value-added However ,in the normal are circumstances the financial factor must take the greatest participation in explaining the changes that occurred in the market value-added we will focus on the study of the relationship between the level of the market value added and the rate of return on invested capital in this study in order to estimate the return we deemed the return on invested capital that is closely related since it refers to the interests of the investors and the value of their wealth as well as market value-added the Iraqi Banking sector was selected as a domain for the application .the research reached that the financial indicators represented in the rate of return on invested capital is unable to estimate the economic market value-added It is determined log factors other than financial or quantified ones which are difficult to measure such as mental state ,emotional political ,economic and the prevailing security situation at that time .