Analysis of some Metaphorical Expressions Employed in Dickens' Hard Times and their Significance to his Style


This paper attempts to analyze the metaphorical expressoins used by Charles Dickens in his distinct novel Hard Times. The core of any metaphorical expression lies in abstract conceptual, connotative and symbolic terms which commit the readers to encipher such expressions and grasp the intended meaning behind each metaphorical expression. Metaphors are prominent linguistic devices which are deeply embedded in linguistic and literary expressions to enforce the suggestive meanings and symbolic meanings of such expressions. Metaphors are value-laden but socially conditioned. To understand the metaphorical expressions, one must explore their component elements including the target and domain areas and map their meanings as such to be interpreted according to the context of situation in which the metaphorical expression is uttered. This, in fact, is a significant factor in analyzing such expressions and grasping their intended meanings.