Studying the mechanical properties , thermogravimetric analysis and flame resistance of novel IPNs based on some organophosphate resins and epoxy


Tow organophosphate compounds namely triallyl phosphate (I) and Triphenyl phosphate (II) were prepared . The compound (I) was polymerized (addition polymerization) by adding ethyl methyl keton peroxide and Cobalt octate as accelerator to obtain triallyl phosphate resin (III) . The compound (II) was polymerized (condensation polymerization) by adding paraformaldehyde to obtain Triphenyl phosphate formaldehyde resin (IV) . These compounds were identified by elemental analysis , calculation of the percentage of phosphorus by gravimetric methods and infrared spectroscopy . Some new interpenetrating polymer networks (IPNs) based on the prepared organophosphate resins and epoxy resin (5-25 %w/w) were prepared . Mechanical properties such as impact strength and hardness for these IPNs were studied and it was found the impact strength was increased with increasing the content of organophosphate resins in the epoxy resin network while the hardness was decreased in comparison with epoxy resin alone because of the flexibility properties for organophosphate resins. Moreover , thermal stability of the IPNs was evaluated by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) . From some thermal stability parameters measured such as decomposition temperature , rate of decomposition , activation energy and char content , it was observed that the organophosphate resins were improved the thermal stability of the epoxy resin network . Furthermore , flame resistance of these IPNs was investigated according to ASTM 568 . The results were indicated that the organophosphate resins increase flame resistance for the prepared polymeric networks by decreasing the rate of burning and weight loss .