Nucleon Momentum Distributions and Elastic Electron Scattering Form Factors for some sd-shell Nuclei


The nucleon momentum distributions ( ) for the ground state and elastic electron scattering form factors have been calculated in the framework of the coherent fluctuation model and expressed in terms of the weight function (fluctuation function). The weight function has been related to the nucleon density distributions of nuclei and determined from theory and experiment. The nucleon density distributions( ) is derived from a simple method based on the use of the single particle wave functions of the harmonic oscillator potential and the occupation numbers of the states. The feature of long-tail behavior at high momentum region of the has been obtained using both the theoretical and experimental weight functions. The observed electron scattering form factors for and nuclei are very well reproduced by the present calculations throughout all values of momentum transfer PACS: 25 . 30 .Bf.