Effect of Water Quality on Chemical Properties of Two Different Soil Textures and Corn Growth in Erbil Governorate


A pot experiment was carried out to study the role of chemical composition of water, soil texture and their interaction on soil chemical properties and growth of corn plant, at Grdarasha Field, College of Agriculture, University of Salahaddin, Erbil. The results indicated to increase in electrical conductivity of the soil extract after harvest and ranged between 1.25 to 9.30 dS m-1 with increasing the electrical conductivity of the water from 0.44 to 5.00 dS m-1 , the highest value of electrical conductivity of soil extract 9.30 dS m-1 was recorded from W6S1, while the lowest value 1.25 dS m-1 was recorded fromW1S1 .The highest value 93.14 g pot-1 of dry matter was recorded at treatment combination W6S1, generally the role of soil texture was very clear in the weight of dry matter in S1 which was 8 times more than its weight in S2 .The quality of irrigation water affected significantly in the concentration of cations and anions and chlorophyll content of corn plant.