Encouraging Economic Policies For Creative Entrepreneurship and Reform of Investment Environment in Iraq


AbstractAfter 2003 ,Iraq has became suddenly infront of a differenteconomic system, new economic facts and emerging of a newprivate sector role in investment, foreign trade and internationalfinancial relations, in complete harmony with financial openness, thetrend of the state became standing on free economic market .Thestate must provide an appropriate investment atmosphere and alsoacting sponsoring Legislations. The law of investment No. (13) in2006 is in harmony with the new trends. Incentive economic policiesof entrepreneurship growing is at the head of transformationmechanisms in Iraqi economy. To reform investment environmentthere must be stable economic and political atmosphere, littlecorruption levels, right protecting of material and intellectualproperty, stable Labour laws, the ability of private sector to entermarkets, and corporate governance active mechanisms. Asserting thenecessity of good governance culture, expanding experiences inreading investing Laws