The Growth and Investigation of Interface of Sio2/Si by Anodic Oxidation Technique Using Acetic Acid Medium


This work investigats the physical properties and the nanotopography of the growth SiO2 film in the thickness range (2.2- 12.9) nm on Silicon polycrystalline p-type substrates, by using the anodic oxidation technique using acetic acid medium containing 0.1N KNO3 as supporting electrolyte. In this technique the polarization curve indicates the presence of active peak. The chemical analysis of the surface of SiO2 has been done by (SEM ) shows the presence of O and C elements, The films thickness has been found that is increases as formation potential increases. The quality of the Si/SiO2 interface, as examined by FTIR and it appears, the value of band absorption displacement depends on SiO2 thickness. Moreover the bond angle Si–O–Si has been found to depends on SiO2 thickness. The (AFM) is used to study the nanotopography of SiO2 film. However it has been found that a relation between SiO2 film thickness and roughness of the SiO2 film (As the SiO2 thickness increase the surface roughness of SiO2 film increase too ).