Parliamentary committees and their role in the legislative process under the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq in 2005 in force


A legislative vacuum one the most important problems facing the effectiveness of systems of parliamentary general and the parliamentary system of Iraq in particular, where it became necessary to develop the work of councils legislation Arabic in the light of the challenges of the era and the trend towards the strengthening of institutions and expertise of local political, and therefore the development of parliamentary work aims to improve institutional performance of the Boards of the legislation by increasing its ability to serve its members in the performance of their functions, and create a common culture and favorable between the technical staff and members of legislative councils. In this context, the parliamentary committees to complete many tasks in the intellectual organization of legislative power to increase the effectiveness and expertise in the practice of legislation and oversight functions assigned to it. In spite of the differences and differences in the number and type, size and functions of parliamentary committees of the legislature to another, but that its importance increases as an organizationally in the effectiveness of legislatures, representing the so-called (Kitchen political), which conducted the study draft laws and motions the law and suggestions desire allocated to it, In light of the end of the parliamentary Committees views and recommendations revolve around discussions of the Legislative Council.