Ability of Micrococcus Isolated from Soil in Biodegradation Diesel


The study include investigation types of Micrococcus for degradation diesel. The results showed an increase in the growth rates for most strain of M. roesus, M. luteus and M. varians as the mean count were 31×109 and 30.4×109 for M. roseus and M. luteus respectively, at the beginning and reached 36×108 and 28.5×107 for mentioned species respectively at the end, An increase in photoabsorption was recorded during the experimental period which were corresponding with increased viable counts of bacteria belonging to the genera of Micrococcus whereas one strain of M. luteus didn't grow in the media containing Diesel.Gas chromatography (GC) and Infrared-IR techniques was used for dictation hydrolysis of Diesel as indicators as disappearance of number of bands on diesel treated with the bacterial isolates used in the study, and the disappearance of number of bonds was observed using IR technique, the carboxylic acid, amid and ester bonds appeared in bacterial treated sample.