Improvement of Production Quality by using Six Sigma Technique:


As a result of lack of conformity of the outer diameter of the filling piston of plastic syringe to the specifications set out in the design map and the increased demand for its products from the Medical syringes factory – Babylon. The research conducts the necessary investigations and analysis of the production process as most of the units rejected by fact that the outer diameter of the filling piston is smaller than the minimum specification and units returned to work due to the fact that the outer diameter larger than the upper limit of the specification.The research aims firstly to examine the outer diameter of the filling piston through the use of the control chart of the variables represented by the average , and its impact on the production process capability because the increase in diameter specification leads to an increase in the pressure imposed on the lining of the cylinder, causing difficulty in piston movement and a decrease in diameter specification which leads to loose the process capability to prevent leakage of fluid, causing air to enter as well as to speed the movement of the piston, which negatively affects human life in both cases. Secondly, study the possibility of improving the production process capability by using advanced levels of the sigma. The results showed that the production process in the case of a disciplined and follows a normal distribution, the pointer of the production process capability is equal to (0.55) and the factory works within the level of Sigma equal to (1.65). The proportion of a damaged product is (15.8 %) and rework (0.99 %).In order to reduce the proportion of damaged product, this paper introduces a quality plan depending on ( ±0.025) as tolerance limits instead of ( ±0.05) to increase sigma level by 202%.