The Challenges of water security for Tigris and Euphrates in Iraq


This research consists of three chapters and a conclusion. The first chapter deals with the most important political challenges that face Iraq because of water policies of some regional countries, which are: Turkey, Iran, and Israel. While the second chapter addresses the economic challenges that face water sources in Iraq, which are the consequences of Turkey’s embankment and reservoirs projects on Tigris and Euphrates. These projects threaten Iraq’s water security. Chapter three deals with the future of water security for Tigris and Euphrates that is subjected for two prospects: either a conflict or cooperation between the interested sides. The conclusion points out that water will be an effective element in any future international strategy, as it will play a great role in the redistribution of the map of the political powers in the region since these countries are the new effective regional countries on the political and economic levels. It is expected to use water as a commodity that is sold just like oil, as it is expected also to have nutritious crises.