The Financial Stability in light of the financial system and Islamic bankingAn analytical study of a sample of Islamic banks in the light of the global indicators of the financial crisis


Abstract The financial Crisis has left important implications and results in the economies of the world and also in the nature of the global financial system the most important of these results is the emergence of the role of Islamic banks as institutions less affected by financial crisis and also as institutions supportive of financial stability, and these findings were due to the nature of the work of these institutions are compatible with the provisions of Islamic law in the methods and tools adopted in their work and on the contrary, for conventional banks (usury), which was a cause of this crisis, which led to the bankruptcy of many of these banks is that the latest increase in the demand for Islamic banking services as an alternative successful from the traditional model (riba) in the work banking. Therefore, the study tried to address the issue of financial stability and mechanisms to achieve in light of the data process and methodology and the foundations and principles underlying financial and economic system in general, and Islamic banks and the nature of their work, in particular, the study reached a set of findings and recommendations.