Following a prescriptive approach and the interactive learning process, the effectiveness of e 4 × 100 m and keep,


.Abstract in EnglishFollowing a prescriptive approach and the interactive learning process, theeffectiveness of e 4 × 100 m and keep, empirical research on students in thefirst phase / Physical Education College / University of Kufa for the academicyear 2010 / 2011ResearcherM. Dr. Ammar Ali Makki starPhysical Education CollegeThe study included five sections , It ensures the door first provided and theimportance of research which is characterized by the effectiveness of e 4 ×100 meters from the rest of the activities of athletics as a dependent on agroup of players, unlike the rest of the events that depend on one player only,and the research problem in the process of learning the processof delivery and receipt of the stick they are at maximum speed and the useof different methods in the learning process to identifythe best teaching methods used in the process of receiving and delivering thestick for the students of colleges ofeducation and sports to keep learning Aatoal period of time.As well as the objectives of the study, including identifying the best methodof teaching in the education of the effectiveness of the 4 × 400meter-mail andkeep it.While the second section included an explanation of some of the topicsrelated to the objectives of the research, including the prescriptive methodThe interactive method and the technical phases of the effectiveness ofE-4 ×100 m and a similar study.While ensuring Title III research methodology andprocedures where there searcher used the descriptive style survey either theresearch community students of the Faculty of Physical Education Phase I /University of Kufa for the academic year 2010 -2011 and of the69students, and the researcher to find homogeneity of both height and weight,age, and the researcher test test before me and after me and imaging test toevaluate the performance by the expert as well as a test toidentify learning retention was statistically processing data usingappropriate statistical LawsAfter presenting and analyzing the resultsand discussed in Part IV of the tables during the researcher to severalconclusions in Part V of which guarantees the several conclusions1 -that the two methods (prescriptive, interactive) a positive impact in theprocess of learning to maintain the effectiveness of the E-4 × 100meters. 2 -The interactive method is the best in the process of maintaining theeffectiveness of e-learning 4 × 100 meters. There were a set ofrecommendations, including1 - emphasis on the use of various teaching methods in the learning process.2 - as well as the need to respect the wishes of the student andorientations in the process of using different teaching methods in the learningprocess because it is the shortest way to reach good results in the learningprocess.