Prevalence of Mental Disorders among adolescents of secondary schools in Diwaniya governorate


A cross-sectional study was conducted , on 1048 adolescent pupils( 554 male &494 female) , in Al-Diwaniya Governorate , Iraq.-Twelve intermediate and secondary schools were chosen consecutively as a study setting ( 6 from Diwaniya city as urban ; 3 from Shamiya &3 from Gammas as rural).-All chosen pupils (aged 12–18years) were considered in the self reporting questionnaire & face to face interview during the period from the 1st of May to the 30th of November 2010. -Out of 1048 adolescents assessed, 183 have positive mental disorders, giving a point prevalence of 17.46% .-Among the examined pupils are (79) diagnosed with anxiety disorders which represent about 7.5% of the total adolescents under study, (41) with a depressive disorders which represent about 3.91% , (36) diagnosed with behavioral disorders which represent about 3.43% , and (27) with ADHD which represent about 2.57% of the total adolescents under study.