The concept of the state in marriage (Comparative study between Islamic jurisprudence and personal status laws)


The marriage contract of contracts that wants Islamic law in his respect and maintain because of its importance Lies in its implications should be carefully concluded and what was over the evidence of the state deficit ward to recognize the face of interest, including that women may not beable to recognize the face of interest has to get better women's choice of husband, especially since women have been printed to create and instincts make them more vulnerable and faster Ankieda to the rule of emotion from the man and the greatest need of this decade to become aware of the consequences of things that made the Islamic femininity ofthe reasons for jurisdiction over the self and thus has to be that women have the crown back to him The mandate here is a matter of protection and care. As this has a guarantee to achieve the desired goal of marriage ...To achieve the objectives of this research, we found it appropriate todivide the research on the subject of the concept of the state in themarriage contract on three topics, in the first research to show thedefinition of the state, and in the second section Nstzar items the state,while the third section Venard state in which the conditions