Response of wheat Plant to different levels of KNO3 and Super Phosphate Fertilizers.


The study is done to show the effect of different levels of KNO3 fertilizer (0,0.32,0.64,0.96) gmpot Which equal to (0,40,80,120) kgd and different levels of super Phosphate fertilizer (0,0.24,0.48) gmpot which equal to (0,30,60) kgd, by use plastic pots, capacity of Pot (4) kg soil was conducted at kalar horticulture Station Sulaimani governorate during the growing season of (2010-2011) , to some growth characteristics of wheat crop such as plant height, relative growth rate, relative yield and fertilizer efficiency of wheat crop IBA-95. The experiment was designed as a factorial experiment within (C.R.D) with three replicates.The results show that all above mentioned characteristics were significantly increased due to increasing levels of KNO3 and super phosphate fertilizers were 120 kgd KNO3 and 60 kgd super phosphate were the best compared with the other .