Effect of spraying different concentrations of organic fertilizers in the growth and yield qualities of the potato Solanum tuberosum L


Experiment conducted in the field Secial for the Amiriyah 10 km south of Fallujah, Anbar, for the purpose of Some standards for plant growth, plant potato Solanum tuberosum L class Dezri after spraying different concentrations of organic fertilizers (Alga300, Cfors, Siptoll, Humate liquid, Algaton, Lili) for the variety Dezri Rank Elite conducted the spraying process homogeneous solutions of organic fertilizers on the shoot of the plant until wet, according to transactions after 45 and 60 and 75 days after planting for each fertilizer and by concentrations of each and the results showed the following outperformed treatment of organic fertilizer Humate liquid concentration of 4 ml / l to give the highest average length of the plant, which stood at 98.11 cm also increased the content of the leaves of chlorophyll up 49.91 units SPAD addition to the dry weight of the plant 95 g and the number of tubers 9 tuber / plant and holds plant per 1035 g and the rate of weight of potato 115 g for the same treatment in addition to giving the highest sum up the marketable as at 42 tons / ha and winning total 42.5 tones / ha and the percentage of dry matter was 19.86% and the percentage of starch 14.121% quality and density of 1.07832 g / cm 3