Effect of treatment with Cyanobacteria and Seaweed extract on growth ,flowering and yield of Cucumber Cucumus sativus L.


A field experiment was condected during Agricultural Season 2008 to study inoculated Cucumber seed with Cyanobacteria Nostoc sp tow levels (with,non Cyanobacteria) and spray with seaweed extract four leavels (0,Seaforce 1.5ml/L ,Altra 1.5ml/L ,mixed of the tow seaweed mentioned 1.5ml/L each one of seaweeds) . We use RCBD with three riplication , The result show that the treatment of Cyanobacteria gave highest yield (8.17) ton/dunm. Treatment with Altra extract gave the highest content fruit from B.Caroten (16.18) mg/gm . The interaction between Cyanobacteria treatment and Spraying by Altra extract gave highest sexratio (0.40) .